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Truman Bodden Law School Student Law Review

The aim of this publication is to provide incoming LLB1 students with examples of coursework that achieve high marks from Skills I & II. In addition, we seek to capture and reflect on external speakers and other events that take place during the academic year at TBLS.

A small editorial team of first year students meet following the exam period to discuss the format and content. Staff identifies appropriate student work and obtains appropriate consent for dissemination. Students then edit the collection and assemble further TBLS library hints and tips that have been chosen as the most useful during their first year of studies.

In future editions, we may include appropriate items from second and third year LLB, LLM and PPC students as indicators of topics covered or strategies for research; interviews or feature biographies of previous TBLS graduates and where they are now.

We hope that this is a useful resource and actively encourage submissions for the next edition.

Last Updated 2021-01-15