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Student Charter and Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity & Student Charter

Academic Integrity - Referencing

Conduct & Discipline

The Truman Bodden Law School has the following policy on conduct and discipline.

Student Disciplinary Code

Equality & Diversity

The Truman Bodden Law School has the following policy on equality and diversity.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Assessment Policy

The University of Liverpool has the following assessment policies.

Code of Practice on Assessment

Complaints Procedure

The Truman Bodden Law School has the following complaints procedure.

Complaints Procedure

Disabled Students

The Truman Bodden Law School has the following policy and procedures regarding reasonable adjustments and support for disabled students.

Reasonable Adjustments and Support for Disabled Students

Liverpool Guild of Students

The Liverpool Guild is a body run by students, for students. They offer free and confidential advice to all University of Liverpool students.

Liverpool Guild of Students

Student Handbook

The LLB Course Handbook contains vital information on the LLB itself, what can be expected, important student information, support services and course regulations. LLB students must familarise themselves with this document, along with relevant provisions set out in the Legal Practitioners (Students) Regulations, soon as possible.

Student Handbook

Laws and Regulations

The Truman Bodden Law School is governed by the following laws and regulations.

Legal Practitioners Law (2015 Revision)

Legal Practitioners (Students) Regulations (2018 Revision)

Careers Guidance

Jurisdictions have strict rules of admission to their local bar. Therefore, before embarking on a course of study for any professional practice exam it is vital that you research not only the course and the institution providing the course, but also any further requirements of qualification such as membership of an association and, very importantly, periods of training to be taken after the course to be fully certificated as a lawyer.

In addition, the University of Liverpool has a dedicated careers website which you can use for advice from CV's through to interviews. Please click the button below to access this invaluable resource.

UL Careers and Employability Service


University of Liverpool Alumni page

Module Code Year Co-ordinator
*Constitutional and Administrative Law LAW 803 1 Ms Rhian Minty
*Law of Contract LAW 800 1 Mr Scott Atkins
*Criminal Law LAW 801 1 Mr Mitchell Davies and Mr Michael Bromby
*Legal Systems and Skills I and II LAW 822/836 1 Mr Michael Bromby
*Equity & Trusts LAW 805 2 Mr Scott Atkins
*Law of Tort LAW 802 2 Ms Laura Panades and Ms Kerry Lewis
Commercial Law Facilitation of Transactions; Commercial Law Sale of Goods & Liability LAW 811/833 2 Mr Scott Atkins
Company Law I & II LAW 806/829 2 Ms Kerry Lewis
Law of Evidence: Principles of Evidence & Law of Evidence: Criminal Trial Evidence LAW 807/831 2 Mr Michael Bromby and Dr Derek O'Brien
Family Law: Children Law & Family Law: Law of Adult Relationships LAW 808/827 2 Ms Rhian Minty
Module Code Year Co-ordinator
Foundations in Dispute Resolution LAW 840 2 Mr Andrew Perkins
*Land Law LAW 804 3 Ms Kerry Lewis
**European Union Law LAW 810 3 Ms Laura Panades
Banking Law I & II LAW 809/828 3 Mr Andrew Perkins
Conflict of Laws: Family Law & Conflict of Laws: Commerce LAW 812/835 3 Mr Mitchell Davies
Dissertation LAW 813 3 Ms Rhian Minty
Employment Law I & II LAW 816/830 3 Mr Michael Bromby
Human Rights & Civil Liberties LAW 823 3 Ms Rhian Minty
Intellectual Property LAW 814 3 Mr Andrew Perkins
Wills and Succession I and II LAW 825/832 3 Dr Derek O'Brien
Environmental Law LAW 838 3 Ms Kerry Lewis

*  Denotes mandatory module
** Denotes EU Law is a mandatory module for English QLD purposes

Last Updated 2020-07-29