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Title: Advocacy
Author: edited by Robert McPeake
ISBN13: 9780198860389
Call Number: KL93 ADV 2020
Summary: Written by experienced advocates and advocacy trainers, Advocacy provides an excellent introduction to the skills and techniques required to be an advocate. Coverage includes guidance on making opening and closing speeches; planning and delivering examination-in-chief and cross-examination; questioning witnesses; as well as examples of specific questioning techniques which may be employed in practice. Additionally, authors highlight the ethical boundaries and rules within which an advocate must work.

Title: Textbook on administrative law
Author: Peter Leyland
ISBN13: 9780198713050
Call Number: KM311 LEY 2016
Summary: The guiding theme of this acclaimed textbook is how accountability is achieved through a 'grievance chain' comprising Parliament, informal methods of dispute resolution, ombudsmen, tribunals, and, particularly, by the courts through judicial review.

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