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Online Resources

Through the University of Liverpool, the library provides access to e-journals and online legal databases such as LexisNexis Library, Westlaw UK, HeinOnline, and much more.

Online Databases e-Journals

Use DISCOVER, a search engine, to fully utilise these resources.

Faced with unfamiliar legal abbreviations? Use:

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

The collection comprises works which cover all aspects of law. These materials include: textbooks, law reports, laws, statutes and digests, law journals, government publication, legal online databases and legal websites.

Reference materials are identified by a red dot on the spine of the book. These books may not be removed from the library. Books intended for the Professional Practice Course (PPC) are identified by a green dot.

The textbook collection is arranged according to Moys Classification System for Legal Libraries. The other materials are divided into the following sections — Law Reports, Statutes and Laws, and Journals. These are arranged alphabetically by title.

All materials in the collection are protected by the 3M theft-detection system. Users should ensure that books are properly checked out and desensitized before attempting to remove them from the library, or an alarm will go off.

Last Updated 2020-08-14