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LLB Admission

How to Apply for the LLB Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Please read all of the information on this page before commencing your application.

In order to apply to study the LLB, you must submit:

  • A completed application form (PDF) (Word);
  • Certified copies of educational qualifications or transcripts;
  • An application fee of KYD 150.00.

You do not need to have Caymanian status or residency to study with us full-time, but if you do, or if you are married to a Caymanian, you should provide evidence of it with your application.

You must submit your application form, and supporting documents, by email to

You can pay your deposit on Tuesdays between 10am and 3pm:

  • by card over the telephone (345-945-0077); or
  • by leaving a bankerís draft in the drop box on the second floor of Truman Bodden Law School.

Please note the application deadline relevant to you:

  • If you meet the entry requirements set out below: 31 August
  • If you are a mature applicant and do not meet the entry requirements set out below: 10 July

General Entry Requirements

Generally, the academic entry requirement for students who are under 21 years of age on 1 May in the year they start their course is at least two General Certificate of Education Advanced Level passes in addition to at least three General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) passes of Grade C or higher standard.

The GCSE subjects must include English Language and one of Mathematics or a Natural Science subject or Geography or Economics. Other prescribed combinations of passes may be acceptable (but proof of attainment of an acceptably high English Language standard is essential) as may other prescribed qualifications recognised as being of a comparable standard, such as an Associates Degree with a sufficiently high GPA.

These entry requirements for the full and part time degrees are laid down in the Legal Practitioners Law (2015 Revision) and Legal Practitioners (Students) Regulations (2018 Revision)

Mature Students: Alternative Entry Requirements

Students who are over 21 years of age on 1 June in the year of intended entry, who do not meet the Law Schoolís entry requirements set out above, may take the University of Liverpool Mature Studentsí Entrance Examination.

This examination ordinarily takes place in July and therefore the deadline for applications to ensure your entry for the examination is 10 July. The date of the examination is 17 July.

In addition to the TBLS application form, you must complete and submit the Mature Students' Entrance Examination Application Form (PDF) (Word).


Application fees and deposits for the LLB are payable as follows:

General Application Fee KYD 150.00 Payable on application
Mature Entrantsí Examination Application Fee KYD 100.00 Payable on application
Refundable Deposit KYD 250.00 Payable on acceptance of offer of place

Please also note the TBLS tuition and examination fees and University of Liverpool registration fees which will be payable during the course of your LLB studies.

Cayman Islands Government Scholarships

The LLB attracts CIG scholarships for eligible students. You will need to submit a separate application to the CIG Scholarship Secretariat by 30 April.

For more general information about TBLS and studying here, please see the LLB Prospective Students (Information Booklet) and our LLB Admission Policy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the individual modules we offer here at TBLS, please see the LLB Module Handbook (please note that indicative readings may be subject to change).

Please contact the TBLS Director:

Last Updated 2020-07-31