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If you are considering coming to the Cayman Islands to study full time, then you may need a visa. The following persons require a visa:

  • if you are not a Caymanian; or
  • if you are not the spouse of a Caymanian; or
  • you are not a Permanent Residence holder; or
  • you are not an Employment Rights certificate holder.

and who

  • is eighteen years of age or older;
  • is seeking to enter the Cayman Islands for the purpose of attending a recognised educational institution on a full-time basis;
  • intends to leave the island at the end of their studies; and
  • is not named as a dependant on a work permit, a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate, a Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means, or a letter conferring the grant of permanent residence.

More details, including the Student Visa Application Form can be found on the following link:

Last Updated 2020-07-31