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Fees and Living Costs

Fees (Please note: All fees are subject to change)

General Application Fee: USD 183.00
Place Deposit: USD 305.00
Mature Entrants’ Examination Application Fee: USD 122.00
LLB Examination Fees: USD 61.00 per examination
Tuition: USD 17,073.17 per year
Approximate cost of text-books: USD 610.00
University of Liverpool Registration Fee, made payable in Sterling Pound: 1,490.00

Living Costs (Estimated)

Rent (this will vary on type of accommodation, location, and if sharing with other students) KYD 1,000.00-1,500.00 per month
Water and Electricity KYD 200.00 per month
Food, etc. KYD 100.00 per week

Again living costs depend on whether you are willing to share with other students.

All fees converted from KYD to USD at a conversion rate of x .82 if paying by cheque, x .80 if paying by cash.

Last Updated 2020-07-31