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Usually you need to use a real estate agent who specialises in rentals when trying to find rental accommodation. The service is free to the renter as the owners hire agents to find tenants. The Cayman Compass, the local newspaper, also has ads every Friday, but a real estate agent will do all the legwork for you and drive you around to look at different options. You should think about the following points before you call an agent:

  • Be realistic. Rent in Cayman is not cheap. You may have to share with other students in order to keep within your budget.
  • You may want to be close to Law School, but you may get better value being further from George Town or Seven Mile Beach. You also need to be on a bus route, unless you plan on buying a car, or using a bicycle.
  • How many bedrooms do you need or want? Am I willing to share? As a student you really only need a one-bed flat, but you may be willing to share in order to have a larger apartment. This can be an advantage particularly when you are in a new country.
  • When will you arrive in Grand Cayman and when will you need the unit? Most tenancies start on the first of the month, but most landlords will hold the unit for you with a security deposit (often equal to one month's rent).

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Last Updated 2020-07-31